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    PSImining/SE - the Solution for Modern Mine Control and Green Mining

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Software from PSI Mines&Roads sets standards for green mining in the operation of mines, provides traffic management software for tomorrow's mobility and optimizes production and traffic flows.

PSI Mines&Roads GmbH was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of PSI Software AG, which employs more than 2,000 people after 50 years. With its largest production site in Aschaffenburg, the company is centrally represented in the Rhine-Main region. Further offices are located in Berlin and Beijing.

PSI Mines&Roads operates two divisions:


The Mining Division

With the PSImining/SE control system, PSI provides an integrated solution for mine control for monitoring, control, automation and work resource planning combined in one system. Good prerequisite for modern green mining.

Operations and traffic management

Focus on infrastructure monitoring and traffic management. Innovative software for operators of roads and smart cities. PSI Mines&Roads was awarded the German Mobility Prize for its software solution PSIroads/MDS.

50 years PSI - 50 years power of software experience. PSI Mines&Roads is a subsidiary of PSI Software AG and uses the modern group technology platform to optimize traffic flows and the operation of mines.



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