PSI Software Platform

With its proprietary software platform, PSI has created a scalable technology basis in recent years. For our customers and their IT departments as well as for PSI's own system developers, the platform represents the ideal solution substructure across the group in the various business units - for redesigning independent solutions and for expanding existing solutions for monitoring, securing and optimizing critical infrastructures.

Thanks to current technology and worldwide standards, a high degree of independence from technology cycles and individual manufacturers is guaranteed. The software architecture is model-based, object-oriented and enables high productivity in the development and implementation at our customers. Business processes are supported in real time and optimized through the use of various AI methods.

The user-friendly, powerful, scalable and proven framework is highly available, very stable, industrially proven and convinces with a variety of options and functions.

What are the benefits and advantages of using thef PSI platform for the different user groups?

PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH accompanies you through your digital transformation process. Unbureaucratic and cross-company. From A to Z with integrated solutions from experienced hands. Benefit from our know-how and the competence of our fast-growing developer community.

Due to the streamlined processes and the opportunity not only to actively participate in the project progress, but also to model process parts completely independently, each project time is considerably reduced and brings you faster to your goal. Use the shorter time-to-market as a direct competitive advantage and actively reduce costs.

Due to the independence in your daily work, the satisfaction of your IT colleagues in the specialist departments will soon increase.

Everyone likes to be part of a good and big thing: Your employees also like to work with the platform and help design software solutions for tomorrow's critical infrastructure. Benefit from this motivation and meet your shortage of skilled workers. Offer existing employees the opportunity to work in a company in which such a progressive concept is used. And give younger people the opportunity to grow up in a software environment that is easier and more effective to use than familiar standard software.

Our response times to vulnerabilities in designed solutions increase with each platform user - and existing applications are updated faster due to possible shorter development times. Better ROI? Be there!

Working with the PSI platform creates transparency in work processes and benefits company-wide productivity. Do the math!

Thanks to our platform, you can implement modern low- or no code developments. All applications were created to support the PSI WORA principle: Write once, run everywhere.

The reduction of manual processes and media breaks in typical applications can also replace the work with Excel and e-mail reconciliations in your company and enable standardized processing.

It's you, not us, who decides when a project is realized, depending on availability and priorities, when your resources are used and when everyone works on the same platform. And the more qualified and motivated developers participate in a solution, the faster problems are recognized and can be handled by us as the platform operator. Before these problems become critical.

The PSI platform offers access to a connected ecosystem of software and innovations. Permanent learning can also be lived more easily: Users can compare the individually developed processes with those of their colleagues and improve their own if necessary.

The PSI Group maintains close partnerships worldwide with leading international providers of basic IT technologies and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. Since 2014 an IT security certification according to ISO 27001 has been introduced throughout the group. As an independent software manufacturer and technology leader, the PSI Group employs more than 2,000 people at 13 German and 17 international locations in Europe, Asia and North America. PSI Software AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange.

The platform is the basis

  • Industry solution

    The standard software is extended by industry-specific and partly    customer-specific functions and algorithms.

  • Application

    The application layer offers ready-to-use and useful functions with a standard software character for solving operational tasks.

  • Frame

    Basic interfaces and tools that enable rapid and cost-effective development of applications based entirely on Java.

  • Infrastructur

    Core elements that provide all the components and services required to run application software, such as a Java virtual machine.

  • Technical

    A set of reusable software components ("libraries").