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  1. To find out more about you and your company, we invite you to a dialogue. Contact the PSI partner team. We will present all the advantages of a joint partnership to you in a personal meeting. Lay the foundation for our mutual success.
  2. Afterwards we will look together at possible potentials. We look at your current business situation and your unique company profile. We look at the strengths of your team, the tools and methods you use today, and your long-term strategy. After this SWOT analysis we hope for a successful matching. If the matching is successful, we determine together on which of the possible partnership levels we can meet. From the portfolio of options, we select those that produce the best possible quality of your work and thus the greatest benefit for your customers.
  3. Before going into the market together, we work out a coherent business plan. Then we determine which licenses are suitable for you and  your customers. Finally, we work out the partner contracts and celebrate the signing.
  4. Welcome to the PSI family! After signing the contract, your training blocks start immediately in the PSI Academy. Benefit from modern practical training courses, webinars and the interactive exchange with our coaches. In regular sales and technology meetings we exchange information about your markets and define market development campaigns and our necessary support.


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