PSI Mines&Roads GmbH is well known for innovative, powerful and premium IT-Products for mining industries and the road sector.


PSI Mines&Roads GmbH is a 100% daughter of PSI Aktiengesellschaft für Produkte und Systeme der Informationstechnologie and was established on 22 July 1991 as an independent company. The company has competence centers in Aschaffenburg, Berlin, Moscow and Beijing and is responsible, within the PSI Group, for mining and traffic telematics.

The focus of the company is the realization of complex, process-oriented IT-Systems for national and international customers, based on our own products PSImining and PSIroad.

A central component of the Industry Solutions is the PSI's own system (PSIcontrol) for monitoring, visualization and control, distributed in the field of process-independent objects and process controls.

For the centralized maintenance of the connected process elements we are using our own workforce management system (PSIcommand). This system is able to plan rapid, flexible and efficient the internal and external workforce.

Control and supervision for mining and traffic telematics