With the PSIroads-MDS solution, the PSI subsidiary PSI Mines&Roads GmbH is among the 10 winners of the German Mobility Prize, which was awarded for the second time this year. In 2017, the competition, sponsored by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, is awarding pioneering best practices projects focussing on security.


The digital, innovative solution PSIroads-MDS optimises the use of transportation networks with a method for multi-criterial decision-making support and therefore contributes to safe and reliable mobility.

German Mobility Prize 2017

PSIroads-MDS designated a Flagship Project for Intelligent Mobility

PSIroads-MDS allows the operators of roads to optimise traffic according to freely-defined operative and strategic targets. To accomplish this, possible measures for influencing traffic on the basis of the current and expected traffic situation are assessed using the Qualicision software for solving multi-criterial decision and optimisation tasks from the PSI subsidiary PSI Fuzzy Logik Systeme. The measures for influencing traffic that lead to the optimal target are determined and proposed by PSIroads-MDS.

Nation-wide about 170 start-up, companies, associations and research institutes submitted their projects to the competition.

“The award winners show how digital innovations can make mobility safer. The people behind the projects, with their creativity and engagement, are making an important contribution to the future viability of our country,” said Dieter Kempf, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and President Germany – Land of Ideas.

The German Mobility Prize

With the German Mobility Prize, the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure put intelligent mobility solutions and digital innovations in the public eye. The following members of the “Digital Networks and Mobility” platform of the Digital Summit support the Germany Mobility Prize: Continental Automotive GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Ericsson GmbH, Esri Deutschland GmbH, Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH und der Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen e.V.