The Management of the PSI Mines&Roads GmbH

Short Vita Elmar Jaeker

In 2017 Elmar Jaeker became Managing Director of PSI Mines&Roads GmbH and in 2018 member of the Executive Board of ITS Hessen.
Elmar Jaeker is a graduate electrical engineer (RWTH Aachen and Università Degli Studi di Firenze). He started his career at PSI AG in 1996 as an employee in the Numerical Calculations of Electrical Networks department. After working in various positions and departments at PSI AG, he became Head of the Traffic Telematics and Maintenance Department at PSI Mines&Roads GmbH in 2012.

PSI Mines&Roads GmbH
Elmar Jaeker
Managing Director
Weichertstraße 5
63741 Aschaffenburg Germany
+49 6021 366 875