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Chance for job entrants!

To extend our team in Aschaffenburg we are looking for 

Engineers (male/female)
for the design and implementation of systems for supervison, control and execution management

Your responsibilities:

  • Implementing ambitious projects in the fields of telematics and/or mining.
  • The design of software systems and components.
  • Implementation of the design and combination of partial solutions into a complete system.
  • Commissioning of our control systems (SW and HW).
    Partly also at the customer sites.
  • Advice, support and training for customers.

Your experience:

  • Degree (University, University of Applied Sience, etc.) in the following disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, computer science or equivalent qualification.
  • Knowledge of programming languages: C, C++, JAVA, or equivalent.
  • Proficiency with Unix or/and Linux  operating system and some knowledge of automation (PLC).
  • Basic knowledge of Databases.
  • Basic knowledge of German is welcome.

You are interested and enjoy:

  • The qualified training in the above-mentioned topics in order to
    apply the acquired knowledge actually.
  • Participation in the demanding and ever changing customer projects.
  • The solution of complex tasks in a motivated team.
  • Close and trusting cooperation with customers.
  • Independent work and responsibility.

Then please send your CV by e-mail to: 

Sabine Hesse
PSI Mines&Roads GmbH
Sabine Hesse
Controlling and Management Assistant
Boschweg 6
63741 Aschaffenburg Germany
+49 6021 366 601
+49 6021 366 541