PSI Mines&Roads GmbH is well known for innovative, powerful and premium IT-Products for mining industries and the road sector.

Internationalization through strategic partnerships

PSI has developed in the over 30-year history a leading position in the German speaking countries. International we focus on the strategic cooperation with export partners. PSI software is used worldwide as part of the products sold abroad with partner systems. This makes us an international presence and use of the existing worldwide network of our partners with sales and service centers.

The fixed points of our Partner Program are:

  • The rapid and efficient development of new and the expansion of existing markets.
  • The merging existing and emerging technologies to develop innovative and groundbreaking solutions.
  • The expansion of our activities both in the German and in the international arena. With our partners, we assume the same characteristics that define PSI also: the highest level of professionalism and quality.

Also in the area of ​​technology, we rely on strong partnerships with leading vendors that complement our services.