Specific mining modules und functions

The mining-specific workflows, tasks and functions are independent modules of PSImining and use the standard functions of the core module.


The mining-specific modules of PSImining are:

  • Conveyor Control: This module provides a schematic and a detailed visualisation of the entire conveyor system (belts, bunker) and status (on, off, error, measured value) of the components. Material flow control, simulation and optimization are additional available features.
  • Mining Automation and Control Roof support: The geological data, shield data and the shearer data can be visualised in special diagrams with the corresponding parameters. Analysis of the data allows optimization of coal production and reduce the proportion of dirt.
  • Logistics: Transportation logistics support the transport of material in monorails, locomotives and other transportation vehicles. There are displayed at the geographically correct position in an overview picture.
  • Safety / Ventilation: Safety sensors for CO, CO2 and CH4 and their values are recorded and displayed in an overview picture. Values which are exceeding the limits will trigger alarms.
  • Infrastructure: The supply networks (i.e. electricity), beginning at the surface, are displayed in a specific overview picture. The states of the components (switches, transformers) are integrated and directly visible.
  • Tunneling: The equipment for the excavation (drilling) and their safety-relevant parameters are captured in order to monitor the (statutory) limits for dust and water. Schematic pictures are provided for the supply of building materials, thus enabling the coordination and delivery of the necessary materials.