Characteristics, properties and functions of PSImining

PSImining is an integrated system that combines the functionalities of a control system and a workforce management system. This combination will create synergies that have a direct positive impact on the operational management, cost, productivity, quality, responsiveness, reliability, utilization, maintenance requirements and planning and ensure a return on investment within a short time.


PSImining currently is the only mining control system in the world with the opportunity to integrate and optimize all the processes of mining in a single SCADA system.


PSImining has the following unique features and benefits:

  • fully integrated system concept with scaling option,
  • Integration of mining-specific processes,
  • Distributed and location-independent workstations (remote operation),
  • Reliability through redundancy concept,
  • Geographic representations of the used infrastructure,
  • Easy integration of existing infrastructure,
  • Integrated engineering tools,
  • modular design.