• PSIroads - Innovative solutions for mobility

Never in history was it so easy to travel long distances in short time. Especially in the high developed countries people can travel individually and at any time to their destinations.

PSI Mines&Roads develops innovative software solutions for operators of roads and smart cities so that we can keep our mobility, reside in liveable cities and protect our environment.

Our solutions support road operators in their daily work, increase road availability and optimize traffic flows.

Monitoring and Maintenance

For system monitoring and IT based maintenance support PSI Mines&Roads offers the Operations Management System PSIroads/OM.

PSIroads/OM supports all core tasks for the monitoring and visualisation of connected telematics and communication systems and run processes for fault clearance and pro-active maintenance for internal and external service providers. This reduces significantly the costs for operators of roads and maximizes efficiency in the entire process chain.

Traffic Flow Optimization

PSI Mines&Roads offers an innovative management system called PSIroads/MDS to support operative traffic management,
PSIroads/MDS proposes suitable traffic management services which optimise the traffic flow for the road users on base of individual and collective objectives under the given constraints.