PSIroads Operations Management (OM)

Integrated Operations Management for Monitoring and Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

PSIroads/OM is an integrated operations management system for telematics and communication infrastructure of roads.  It combines the properties of a monitoring system and a maintenance management system. This combination creates synergies with positive effects on operation, management, transparency of processes, staffing and maintenance tasks. PSIroads-OM ensures maximum availability of road infrastructure with benefit to all road users.





PSIroads/OM provides the following unique features and benefits:

  • Integrated system consisting of control system and maintenance management system
  • Modular design to ensure scalability and availability
  • Reliability through redundancy concept
  • Powerfulsystem engineering tools
  • Easy integration of telematic infrastructure components via standard protocols (e.g. TLS, SNMP)
  • Geographical maps and location-based representation of objects and operation states of the connected telematic and IT infrastructure
  • Consistent, system-wide management and maintenance of the datamodel
  • Vendor independent support for faults of IT and telematic components, telematic systems and services
  • Weak point analysis and reports for all services and components
  • Monitoring of service level agreements by automatic supervision of maintenance processes
  • Planning, definition and monitoring of action plans for own and external service crew
  • Dynamic event recording and visualization according to the numberr of process messages
  • Distrubuted and location-independent workstations (remote operation)
  • High available through redundant concepts
  • Extensive software and systems engineering functions for the protection of the unauthorized access. The possibilities range from implementation of password policies to restrictive network protection.