• PSIroads Operations Management (OM)

    Integrated Operations Management for Monitoring and Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

PSIroads/OM is an integrated operations management system for telematics and the communication infrastructure of roads.  It combines the properties of a monitoring system and a maintenance management system. This combination creates synergies with positive effects on operation, management, the transparency of processes, staffing and maintenance tasks. PSIroads/OM ensures maximum availability of road infrastructure with benefit to all road users. It controls and manages maintenance and service processes with a geo-referenced monitoring of all systems and communication devices along roads and traffic routes.

Disruptions are detected and reported automatically. A disturbance creates repair and service orders which are allocated automatically to the respsonsible internal or external service provider. Furthermore necessary maintenance or service work orders of installations of the road infrastructure are generated in the respective required cycles and are assigned to the responsible party or person.

Special features of PSIroads/OM

  • Integrated system combining a control system and maintenance management system

  • Easy integration of telematic infrastructure components by using standard protocols (e.g. TLS,SNMP)

  • Geographical maps and location-based representation of objects and operation states of the connected telematic and IT infrastructure

  • Vendor independent support in case of IT or telematic errors, telematic systems and services

  • Weak point analysis and reports for all services and components

  • Monitoring of service level agreements by automatic supervision of maintenance processes

  • Planning, definition and monitoring of action plans for own and external service crews

  • Extensive software and system engineering functions for protection against unauthorized access such as implementation of password policies to restrictive network protection

The standard module

The standard features of PSIroads-OM are integrated in a base module. It provides control and maintenance functions, which support specific functions for traffic management and maintenance of traffic telematics.

Human-machine interface provides flexible graphical user interface and offers all possibilities of interaction as required in modern control rooms.

With features such as graphical selection, powerful zooming, the display of different layers as well as easy navigation via Drag&Drop techniques which can be used across all representation types, the user is provided with a guranteed maximum overview.

Protected by a task- area- and organization-related rights concept dialogs are provided which allow the user to actively interfere (control, update) with the process. This creates a flexible system which represents workflow oriented maintenance and repair processes and can be used in many business units.

The standard functions at a glance

Event processing and alarming concept

Events (operation states, measurement values and counted values) are recorded in real-time and sequenced correctly. Apart from the visualization in lists, graphs, diagrams, images and archiving, events or logical combinations can trigger alarms indicated visually and/or acoustically.



Logs and lists

Defined alarms, events and indicators are displayed in lists and reports. Freely defined filters can be set to evaluate the alarms.


Events and operations are archived and can be used for later reporting.

Telecontrol frontend and interfaces

The interaction with the operated components is realized via standard protocols or individual implementation of vendoe-specific protocols. Modern IT communication tools such as web services are used for third party communication.

Inventory management

All monitored and maintained equipment is managed. Hierarchical and topological dependencies can be applied and specific attributes can be defined freely.

Contract management

The relationship with external service providers is implemented as service level agreements (SLA). For the service providers responsible for the maintenance of telematic equipment the parameters of the agreed service level agreements such as response times, maintenance procedures and pentalties are stored and monitored.

Order management

All planned or unplanned maintenance activities are performed in a central order management. The orders include operational measures, reports,responsibilities and requirements based on the service level agreements (SLA).

PSIroads/OM as a tool for traffic management and the maintenance of traffic telematics

Based on the functions of the basic module PSIroads-OM provides functions for maintenance and fault management for telematic infrastructure as well as traffic management functions.

In planning and resource management scheduled maintenance contracts are generated automatically based on vendor-specifics and internal regulations. The execution of such contracts are coordinated among the system operator and internal as well as exterinal service providers.

The executing service technician directly records the working hours and allowances of the service providers through task related time logging. This reduces documentation time and allows a cause related reporting and accounting of services rendered.

Furthermore PSIroads/OM provides mobile solutions so service technicians can log and document their work on-site. The data recorded data is synchrnonized with the headquarters which saves unnecessary travelling time.

Futher maintenance and fault management functions

Service manual

In the service manuals all maintenance related activities to be performed for each equipment or type of equipment are defined. Each action has a cycle time and checklists to document the process.

Order generator

Based on the defined service manuals maintenance orders can be generated for all equipment. The maintenance tasks are assigned to the service provider automatically according to their responsibilities.

Planning and scheduling

Maintenance orders are scheduled and monitored annually and weekly on dispatching boards. In addition to the automatic generation and allocation, maintenance orders can also be created and dispatched manually. Gantt diagrams, functions of determining responsibility and audits of resource shortages support the user.

Availability check

The performance of maintenance orders is checked automatically and the equipment availability is determined. This is the basis for strategic maintenance scheduling. Problems specific to equipment can be identified quickly and can be reduced by appropriate maintenance strategies.

Warehouse management

The correct performance of maintenance and repair services requires the availabilty of material that is either in stock or can be requested via specific purchasing systems connected by interfaces. PSIroads/OM manages warehouses and inventories. Material needed for the performance of fault clearance services or maintenance measures are taken from the warehouse and inventory is updated automatically.

Fault management

Faults are detected automatically by events of the monitored telematic infrastructure or can be entered manually. Depending on the type of faults orders are created and assigned to the service provider. The status of fault clearing is monitored. Repairs over the agreed recovery times can be penalized.

Performance management

The operation states of monitored telematic infrastructure (such as accessibility, error counters, work load) can be monitored constantly. Deviations from the normal states are logged and forwarded to fault management according to their severity.

Help desk

PSIroads/OM supports a form based hotline by parameterizable interviews. In interviews answers to questions for the isolation of problems are logged. Depending on the answers context related follow-up questions are offered to the user so recurring problems can be answered simply and effectively.

This is how you profit from PSIroads/OM

  • Increased cost transparency for the maintenance of infrastructure

  • Higher efficiency of internal maintenance processes and external service contracts

  • Less documentation effort and simultaneous increase of quality

  • Life cycle management of operating objects for investment planning

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Reference project

The Austrian road operator uses PSIroads/OM to monitor its telematic systems and road infrastructure.