RAG Aktiengesellschaft

Promoting the German hard coal is the core business of the "black RAG". With its mines in North Rhine-Westphalia, the company makes a contribution to energy security. The German coal industry has developed mining technology with an international reputation.

The following modules of PSImining have been installed at RAG Aktiengesellschaft: base-system, product-flow optimization, tunneling, coal-face control, materiallLogistics and mine-security.

Xinji Energy Co., Ltd. (Xinji)

SDIC Xinji Energy is a subsidiary of the State Develpment & Investcorp. (SDIC) with emphasis on the development, production and distribution of coal (lignite and hard coal). The geographical focus of the coal industry of Xinji is located in Anhui Province.

The PSImining project in Xinji is done in several phases. After a successful pilot installation at a coal mine, the system will be completed and then transferred to other mines. Currently the Base-System, coal-face supervision and belt-supervision is installed.

Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd. (Shendong)

Shendong is a subsidiary of China Shenhua Company Limited, one of the largest industrial groups in China. Shendong is the most significant coal company within the Shenhua group and operates several mines, including the mine Bulianta, one of the largest mines in the world with an annual production of more than 25 million tons of coal.

By introducing of PSImining Shendong takes a further step in the direction of digital mine. This includes the mining, automation, security, management, and workforce management for all services of the business.


ASFINAG, the Austrian motorway company operates the national traffic management and information system for the national territory of Austria. The 2.100 km highway network is equipped with more than 370 gantries for the dynamic control of road traffic.

ASFINAG is using PSIroads/OM as operation monitoring system for telematics facilities of the road network, the associated Sub-Station network, the electronic services as well for the management of scheduled and unscheduled (corrective) maintenance.