AI-based forecast of travel times on Norwegian roads

PSIroads/MDS enables the prediction of travel times taking into account weather conditions and winter services. This will enable industry better plan transports of critical cargo such as fresh salmon. The project is one of six innovation projects developed in the E8 corridor as part of the Nordicway 2 project and funded by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
In addition to the Qualicision decision support software already integrated in PSIroads/MDS, so-called Convolutional Neuronal Networks (CNN) will be implemented. These networks are used to evaluate camera images that are continuously recorded at important points along the route. The conditions of the road surface are extracted from these images and used together with the locally measured and forecast weather data of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and other input data to predict the travel times on the E8.

The research project is another important strategic milestone for PSI and strengthens the further development of complementary traffic management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Find out how fresh Salmon-Sushi can now reach Japan even fresher, empowered by our software solution, resulting in
higher sales prices.
We enable the industry to plan and transport road shipments of perishable and other critical goods.
Even under extreme weather conditions.

For more project details and a Demo version of our solution, please click on the following link:
"BOREALIS 36-hour travel time Project for E8"