Roxel Infra AS

Since 2016 Roxel Infra AS (with head office in Stavanger, Norway) gained expertise in systems that are used in installations like Tunnel lighting, Effect lighting, Emergency lighting, communication and network equipment, Graphic LED signs in div. variants - both as road traffic signs and information signs. Roxel Infra AS has knowledge of SRO (Governance, regulation and monitoring), Heat detecting systems, Automatic Incident Detection (AID) - with both radar and camera and have carried out extensive installations in tunnels and for roads. Roxel recently delivered the Ryfast project which is the world’s longest subsea tunnel for cars.
Roxel Infra AS is part of the Roxel Group. The Roxel group supplies independent solutions that increase profitability and competitiveness by improving productivity, quality and system capacities - for project execution and operation.
Roxel and PSI are working together amongst others in global traffic and traffic management projects e.g. under extreme weather conditions in Norway.


V-TRON, an innovative company that enables drivers to move quickly, safely and sustainably, is headquartered in Deventer, The Netherlands. The company's focus is, among others, on automated driving. The company focuses on high-quality user experiences that puts self-determination, equality, personal responsibility and harmony for all road users on top.
In addition to traditional products, such as track-and-trace, trip registration and fleet management, V-TRON is working on the connected car technology: By combining various communication technologies, such as 4G and/or WiFi-p, an interaction between the road environment, the road infrastructure and the vehicles is created (Car-to-Infrastructue - C2I). V-TRON is also active in the field of car-to-car(C2C) communication.
Currently, road authorities are testing a new type of warning system that uses sensors installed in the car to detect e.g. slippery situations on the road and proactively warns following vehicles connected via a cloud network about the possible danger of slippery road surfaces on the respective road section.
Along with the above mentioned research, successful  platooning tests were carried out for automated driving in trucks. In this process, trucks are moving in a convoy - but only the first vehicle in front is controlled by a driver, followed by one/two unmanned vehicles, which automatically follow the first member of the convoy.
V-TRON and PSI are working jointly together on urban and national road mobility projects.

TH Aschaffenburg

The TH Aschaffenburg, founded as a university of applied sciences, has been in existence at the PSI headquarters in Aschaffenburg since 1995. The university (divided into the faculties a) Engineering Sciences and b) Economics and Law) is characterised by business-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative courses of study. Cooperation with companies as well as partnerships with foreign universities guarantee that students acquire knowledge that is relevant to practice.

The TH and different PSI business units work closely together in selected subject areas. Currently, for example, in the implementation of a lecture series of the recently founded "Competence Center Artificial Intelligence" of the TH Aschaffenburg. Topic: AI in mobility - processes and applications (speakers Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Doll (THAB) and Elmar Jaeker (PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH).

IndoGerma GmbH

The company was founded in 1994 and has knowledge of the target market by internal market analyses and own business. IndoGerma has many years of solid experience in business between Europe and Asia and the specific habits and characteristics of international business.

IndoGerma supports us at,

  • active marketing,
  • finding partners,
  • conclusion of internationaltreaties,
  • intercultural communication,
  • and the design and management of business.

Xi'an Hua Guang Tech. Co., Ltd.

Hua Guang is a Chinese company founded in 1991 that has its focus on the development and implementation of software for the process industry and is ISO9001 certified. Huagang is succesful in the water, energy, metallurgy, mining and national key projects (eg the Three Gorges Dam) successful.

The company supports us in China as system integrator of PSImining in all project phases (analysis, specification, implementation, parameterization, installation and training).

Shanxi Jingying Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Jingying Technology Co., Ltd. is a is a company established and managed in accordance with the modern enterprise system and the joint-stock enterprise, the main management and core staff of company are in possession of the company's shares.
Shanxi Jingying Technology Co., Ltd. is  information technology services company, providing solutions for coal industry, including software development, information systems integration, operation and maintenance services. It mainly serves the coal mine management and control integration, production scheduling and command of group companies and government industry regulation.

The company acts as a system integrator and implements PSImining on base of PSI's SCADA platform in its own customer projects.