KIBO-NUM KI-based Online Traffic Optimization for Sustainable Urban Mobility

In the research project KIBO-NUM (KI-based online traffic optimization for sustainable urban mobility), the Urban Mobility Innovations (consortium leader), PSI and the City of Rosenheim, as associated partners, are jointly developing a solution for controlling traffic flows in cities and municipalities in order to cope with current and future traffic problems.

Modern information and communication technologies and the use of artificial intelligence offer the opportunity to calculate an objectively balanced equilibrium, taking into account the interests of road users, citizens and the environment, in the face of increasing availability of "urban big data". This results in an attractive ecological and flexible mobility offer.

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Multimodal, ecological and flexible

And because our products are so easy to use, your customers can get their hands on them and easily model and design with our low- and no-code solutions.

KIBO-NUM takes up current, practical tasks of cities and municipalities in relation to existing traffic problems and researches or develops suitable solution methods and concepts.

In particular, methods of artificial intelligence from the field of "Big Data" are applied, see also the following press release Pressemitteilung. With the help of these methods, data on the current traffic situation is recorded, consolidated and forecasts for its further development in the next few minutes and hours are derived.(