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    Mining on the road to sustainability

Mining will continue tomorrow. But differently.

Mining and metal extraction are indispensable for the global economy. It is essential for products and jobs and plays a decisive role in the prosperity of future generations. But the pressure to become more sustainable is a permanent challenge for mining and metal extraction. 

 Mining on the road to sustainability

The metal and mining industries are facing a difficult phase of cost reduction as a result of the need for sustainability. But change must succeed. After all, future industry leaders in 20 to 30 years' time will come from only those companies that are restructuring today to achieve sustainable growth.

PSImining - the integrated mining system

PSImining is an integrated system that combines the functionalities of a control system and a workforce management system. This combination creates synergy effects that have a direct positive influence on operational management, costs, productivity, quality, response times, safety, capacity utilization, maintenance intensity and planning and thus ensure a return on investment (ROI) within a short period of time.
PSImining is regarded in the international market as a special mining control system which supports integration and optimization of almost all mining processes in a single SCADA system.

Basic functions of PSImining

All basic functions of PSImining are integrated in one module. They represent standard tasks that are used by the mining-specific processes (modules).


Add on modules of PSImining

The mining-specific processes, tasks and functions are included in independent  Add-on modules of PSImining  and use the standard functions of the basic module.