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PSImining - control system for mines

The digital mine is the guideline for the development of PSImining which is tailored to the needs of the mining industry. It is based on the policy "Digital Factory" of the "Verein Deutscher Ingenieure" (VDI), created in the framework of the "Digital Factory".


PSImining is an integrated solution with functions for monitoring, control, automation and job scheduling (workforce management) in one system. Therfore all topics of the "Digital Factory" are covered:

  • a common database to reduce redundant data,
  • the standardization of processes, resources and equipment,
  • the possibility to manage tasks, compentences and responsibility over process chains,
  • to realize automation above the machines and station levels.

Result is an unprecedented degree of transparency of events and processes, coupled with a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

A variety of todays individuallly installed subsystems are integrated into PSImining. Therefore, the following advantages for the operation and maintenance system can be achieved:

  • consistent and comprehensive care and maintenance of data,
  • Representation of cross-references and process-related dependency of data,
  • cross-subsystem support for events and alarm conditions,
  • Analysis and reporting of all relevant processes for the operational management of the company,
  • Support and enforcement of operational planning for the operation, care and maintenance (integrated MES)
  • Automation of processes over machinery and station borders,
  • Records and hierarchical filtering of all actions and events during the operational period (reduction of messages).

The SCADA system PSImining visualizes, monitors, controls and manages equipment, machinery, production equipment, and other resources (personnel). The core system covers the following areas:

  • Monitoring and controlling of equipment for the mining of coal (shearer, plough, shields, sprinklers)
  • Degradation and coal layer visualition with representations of product quality, shearer position, heights and pressures of shields
  • Monitoring of all facilities for the security and infrastructure (electricity, water, pressure, compressed air, gas concentration),
  • Monitoring, control and optimization of conveyors, belts and bunkers,
  • Detection, classification and evaluation of downtime for machinery and transport equipment,
  • Geographical overview with location-based representation of people, machinery, transportation equipment and materials,
  • Tracking of people and transport vehicles,
  • Generation and monitoring of operational metrics (KPI)
  • Event-controlled display of video signals for the control room staff.

Monitoring and Maintenance

For system monitoring and IT-based maintenance support PSI Mines&Roads offers the Operations Management system PSIroads/OM.

PSIroads/OM supports all the core tasks for the monitoring and visualisation of connected telematics and communication systems. It runs processes for fault clearance and proactive maintenance for internal and external service providers. This significantly reduces the costs for road opertors and increases the efficiency of the entire process chain


Traffic Flow Optimization

With PSIroads/MDS PSI Mines&Roads offers an innovative management system to support operational traffic management. PSIroads/MDS proposes suitable traffic management services to optimize the traffic flow for the road users based on individual and collective objectives and under the given constraints.