Operational excellence

Competitive means: increasing productivity, efficiency, agility, quality and profitability.

For a mining company, sustainability is the base of its operating license. More and more companies are recognizing that only environmentally and socially responsible actions make economic sense. Accordingly, climate change, resource scarcity and energy efficiency are high on the agenda of the mining industry - as part of its daily business.

Electric vehicles and renewable energies have increased the demand for metals enormously. Cobalt and lithium are used in rechargeable batteries. And copper will become the metal of the future, because it is needed for batteries, electric cables in cars, motors in electric vehicles, and transmission lines. A climate-friendly future with more electric vehicles and renewable energies needs raw materials, and these must be mined sustainably.

Staying competitive means increasing productivity, efficiency, agility, quality and profitability while minimizing costs. These financial aspects increasingly apply to sustainable development as well, where innovative design and economic returns are a major concern.