Synergy effects in mining operations management

PSImining/SE is an integrated system that combines the functionalities of a control system and a workforce management system. This combination creates synergy effects that have a direct positive influence on operational management, costs, productivity, quality, response times, safety, capacity utilization, maintenance intensity and planning and thus ensure a return on investment (ROI) within a short period of time.
PSImining/SE is regarded in the international market as a special mining control system with the possibility of integrating and optimizing almost all mining processes in a single SCADA system.

Synergieeffekte bei der Betriebsführung im Mining

PSImining/SE ist ein integriertes System, das die Funktionalitäten eines Leitsystems und eines Workforce-Management-Systems vereint. Durch diese Kombination entstehen Synergieeffekte, die direkt positiven Einfluss auf die Betriebsführung, Kosten, Produktivität, Qualität, Reaktionszeiten, Sicherheit, Auslastung, Wartungsintensität und Planung haben und somit für einen Return on Investment (ROI) innerhalb von kurzer Zeit sorgen.
PSImining/SE gilt im internationalen Markt als besonderes Bergbau-Leitsystem mit der Möglichkeit, nahezu alle Prozesse des Bergbaus in einem einzigen SCADA-System zu integrieren und zu optimieren.

Base functions of PSImining/SE

All basic functions of  PSImining/SE are integrated in one module. They represent standard tasks that are used by the mining-specific processes (modules). Activities resulting from specific boundary conditions (e.g. machine downtimes or limit violations) are carried out or planned in the Workforce Management System (WMS).
All task-specific processes are implemented in the modules for maintenance, personnel and material location as well as standstill monitoring.




Add-on modules of PSImining/SE

The mining-specific processes, tasks and functions are included in independent  PSImining/SE  add-on modules and use the standard functions of the basic module.



PSImining/SE has the following key features and product benefits

  •    Fully integrated system concept with scaling possibility,
  •    Integration of mining-specific processes
  •    Distributed and location-independent operator stations (remote operation)
  •    Fail-safe due to redundancy concept
  •    Geographical representations of the infrastructure used
  •    Easy integration of the existing infrastructure
  •    System-internal engineering tools
  •    Modular construction