Basissystem PSImining/SE

Basically, the PSImining/SE basic system covers the following areas:

  • Monitoring and control of coal mining facilities
  • (roller, plane, shields, tanks, sprinklers)
  • Visualization of the mining and seams with representations of product quality, roll position, heights and pressing of shields
  • Monitoring of all security and infrastructure facilities
  • (electricity, water, pressure, compressed air, gas concentration)
  • Monitoring, control and optimization of conveyors, belts and bunkers
  •  Recording, classification and evaluation of standstills for machines and means of transport
  • Geographical overview image with location-related depiction of people, machines, means of transport and materials
  •  Locating people and means of transport
  •  Generation and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI)
  •  Event-controlled activation of video signals and sources for control room personnel

The basic functions at a glance


The module provides a schematic and a detailed overview of the entire conveyor system (belts, bunkers) and the status (on, off, error, measured value) of the components. Further functions are material flow control, simulation and optimization.

Alarm concept

The geological data, shield data and data from the mining machine are presented in seam and shield diagrams with the associated parameters. The analysis of the data allows an optimization of coal production and reduction of the tailings percentage.

Processing of process indicators

The transport logistics supports the material transport of the overhead conveyors, locomotives and other means of transport and displays them geographically correct in the pit overview.

Technological operation

Safety relevant sensors for CO, CO2 and CH4 and their measured values are recorded and displayed in the mine image. Alarms are triggered if the limit values are exceeded.

Protocols and lists

The supply networks (electricity), starting at the surface, are displayed in overview screens specific to the current. The states of the components (switches, transformers) are directly visible in the diagrams.


The equipment for tunnelling (drilling machines) and their safety-relevant parameters are presented in order to monitor the legally prescribed limit values for dust and water. For the delivery of building materials, the operator is provided with plant diagrams, which enable the coordination and delivery of the necessary materials.

Management of representations and images

The graphic concept consists of the combination and representation of several, not limited levels. The uppermost level represents geography or schematic plans, the level below represents device-related information, the next lower level illustrates detailed process information of the machines (e.g. motor).