Balance and substitution of critical substances

In the past life was based primarily on above-ground raw materials: Water, fruit, cereals and vegetables or meadows for animal husbandry. Invisible and hidden beneath the surface of our planet, however, are raw materials that are of vital importance for our lives as we know them today.

It is a matter of mining and using these raw materials in a sustainable and balanced way so that the supply of future generations remains secure.
Mining is and remains the first part of the raw material value chain.

In order to maintain this, our entrepreneurial mining professionals create new innovative mining technologies.

International studies frequently examine the supply risks related to critical raw materials and analyze the ecological footprints of their mining and use.
There will be supply bottlenecks for materials needed for current key technologies and for developing new technologies.

Today, scientists can produce almost any element of the periodic System to create complex materials for special applications and tasks.

Our engineers at PSI Mines&Roads support the transition to renewable energies, sustainable and electric mobility and industry 4.0 in numerous research projects.
Numerous innovation processes demand for new and advanced materials. This type of replacement and substitution provides potential for new companies and economic growth. The substitution of resource-critical, toxic and inefficient materials takes place at element, material, process and system level.

We support our customers by analyzing, improving and redesigning relevant processes. Therfore,new processes and processing technologies can change understanding of resources and help to secure the supply of raw materials for the future.