When, if not now?

Everything must become greener

In the future, it must be possible to continue to grow based on the planet's available resources. To this end, politics, society and the economy must work closely together. In the future, corporate values will also be determined by social and ecological performance; success will be measured by the sustainability of economic development.

Mining is well equipped

The metal and mining sectors can play a crucial role in the realisation of a sustainable world. This is because the sector operates on all continents except Antarctica and supplies raw materials that are contained in practically every product. They have long been accustomed to meeting enormous challenges and have gained enough experience to ensure sustainable management. After all, thinking over long periods of time is common in industry projects often span decades - and long-term perspectives are at the heart of sustainability. The industry is also familiar than most with the concept of recycling. For example, it is estimated that 80% of the copper ever mined is still available today.

If the industry uses these strengths, it will not only become sustainable, but can also take a proactive leadership position. This is the opportunity for establishing more sustainability and repositioning with new proactive image instead of being considered a part of the problem.