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    Optimize traffic flows safely and reliably

People have never been as mobile as they are today

Long distances can be covered in the shortest possible time and many, especially in the industrially advanced countries, can determine their own goals and achieve them as desired. PSI develops innovative software solutions for operators of roads and smart cities to ensure that we remain mobile in the future, preserve the quality of life in our cities and protect the environment. Our solutions help road operators, make roads more reliable and optimise traffic flows.


The Operations Management System supports central task areas for the monitoring and visualization of traffic systems and communication systems, as well as the planning, coordination and implementation of processes for troubleshooting and planned instant measures by internal sales representatives and external service providers.

For road operators, this means maximum transparency, cost reduction and maximum efficiency in the entire maintenance process chain.




PSIroads/MDS generates proposals for a better traffic flow on transport networks in urban areas or cities. In addition to the individual mobility goals of the road users, strategic goals of the road operator as well as collective and ecological goals are pursued.

Based on the current traffic situation and boundary conditions, measures will be selected and proposed that contribute to a) optimising traffic, b) conserving environmental resources and c) protecting personnel capacities.