• PSIroads/MDS

    Pro-active, cooperative traffic management through the use of multi-criteria decision support

Pro-active, cooperative traffic management

PSI has introduced an innovative approach to multi-criteria decision support that enables proactive and cooperative network control on highways and highways, as well as urban traffic control: PSIroads/MDS.

PSIroads/MDS supports the flexible management of traffic flows and the cooperation of urban, regional and national road infrastructure operators. For this purpose, different traffic management objectives and the current traffic situation are balanced with the help of the unique and efficient fuzzy-logic based decision technology "Qualicision".

In order to adapt the system behavior to changing boundary conditions such as changes in the behavior of road users or new (local) traffic information, PSIroads/MDS provides a module for monitored self-learning.

PSIroads/MDS with Qualicision

How does PSIroads/MDS, powered by Qualicision, support daily traffic management?

In order to balance the available services in the given traffic scenarios between the prioritized objectives, PSIroads/MDS uses the multi-criteria decision technology Qualicision. In Qualicision, the dependencies between services and targets are not coded into arithmetic equation systems as is usually the case with optimization problems.

Such approaches usually require extensive and accurate input data, complex software implementations and are highly sensitive to changes in the model. Qualicision follows a different path with the help of fuzzy set theory:
The dependency between targets and services is expressed in graphical target function curves. These define whether a service supports achieving the objectives for a specific traffic situation or counteracts the objectives. The target functions are created by experienced traffic engineers with local traffic management know-how.

Ready for integration

With PSIroads/MDS PSI offers a system for traffic flow management based on the decision technology Qualicision including flexible configuration.

  •  PSIroads/MDS is easy to use in daily traffic management and enables cooperation between different road operators to optimize road traffic in the region or nationwide.
  • A self-learning module enables continuous improvement of results and active quality management.
  • PSIroads/MDS can be easily integrated into existing traffic control centers and can be used for a variety of tasks.