• PSIroads/OM

    The innovative software solution for road infrastructure operators

Monitoring and maintenance management in one

PSIroads/OM is an integrated system for the operational operation of roads that combines the characteristics of a monitoring system with those of a maintenance management system. As an innovative software solution for road infrastructure operators, PSIroads/OM controls repair and maintenance processes by geo-referenced monitoring of all facilities and communication facilities on the traffic routes.

Malfunctions are automatically detected and reported. Malfunctions result in repair orders that are automatically assigned to the responsible internal and external service providers. In addition, inspections and maintenance work on road infrastructure facilities are generated in the required cycles and transferred to the responsible parties. In this way, the entire maintenance process is monitored and documented.

Standard functions of PSIroads/OM

The standard functions are integrated in a basic PSIroads/OM module.

Add-on function of PSIroads/OM

Based on the functions of the basic module, PSIroads/OM offers additional functions.

Special features of PSIroads/OM

  • Easy connection of the existing traffic telematics infrastructure via standard protocols (e.g. TLS, SNMP)
  • Location-based geographical map representation of the objects and states of the connected telematics and IT infrastructure
  • Manufacturer-independent system support in case of malfunctions and failures of IT and telematics components, telematics systems and services
  • Weak point analysis and derived reports for all systems, services and telematics components involved for the operational management of the company.
  • Monitoring of contractually agreed maintenance services (Service Level Agreements - SLAs) through automatic recording of the maintenance process
  • Planning, definition and monitoring of deployment plans for internal and external personnel
  • Comprehensive software and system functions to protect the entire system from unauthorized access. The possibilities range from the mapping of password policies to restrictive network measures.