• PSIup: The IoT platform for cloud-based monitoring

    Also suitable for applications in the smart city environment or as preventive protection against Covid-19

PSIup: The intelligent SCADA-based cloud application

Benchmark for modern IoT services that create new business value. A natural bridge between IT and OT

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications have been monitoring and controlling technical processes since ever. Unlike in the past, however, SCADA platforms are now used not only to manage plants and processes, but are one of the keys in the transformation process of digitalization in all companies.

At PSI, we know that their business success depends more and more every day on how quickly you can access essential data. However, there is a lack of transparency between IT and OT. Your information level (IT) and operations level (OT) are both looking for solutions to link these worlds simply and effectively in order to implement control and analysis processes using modern cloud connections, for example.

Now, thanks to a forward-looking platform architecture, there is a chance to link production data with MES and ERP information. Our SCADA systems form a natural bridge of connectivity between IT and OT. OPC UA continues to be the preferred protocol standard for this. In addition, we are adding more and more gateways to manage the growing data flows. We also use this connection path to move data streams to and from the cloud. We support web services (REST) and IT connectivity (SNMP, SMTP, SMS) for resource monitoring.

Easily visualized and made available, PSIup gives you the chance to classify data, put it into a context that is relevant to you, and thus create valuable insights from raw data - all the way to new business values and services.

Find out below how PSIup can be used as a smart city solution or can benefit you in an intelligent IoT application.

Your smart city solution with PSIup

Learn more about PSIup as a basic platform for smart city solutions to optimize services in cities & municipalities as a flexible "as-a-service" application

PSIup: IoT application against Covid-19

Preventive infection control in the fight against Covid-19 with the smart IoT application PSIup. Reduce infection risk and keep costs under control