• Smart City Solution with PSIup


    PSIup is a basic platform for flexible smart city solutions. For the optimization of services in cities and municipalities

Smart City Solution with PSIup

PSIup can be individually equipped with IoT devices step by step according to customer requirements and can be grown and operated as an "as-a-service" application by companies or cities and municipalities in the smart city environment.

No matter whether you want to connect individual sensors, plants and machines or even vehicles:

  • PSIup displays your generated data in real time,
  • informs you about current machine conditions and
  • alerts you when set parameters are exceeded

PSIup is basically a software-as-a-service application (SaaS) for online monitoring and optimization, e.g. for flexible smart city solutions in cities and municipalities, and can thus be used directly ("Up and Running").

This solution is scalable and can be combined and expanded with numerous, further products from the PSI Group.

Depending on your individual needs, connect the appropriate sensor to the platform and create an individual use case in your company or for users from your customer groups, e.g.:

Moisture sensors for green areas

Have the irrigation of your green spaces implemented by water vehicles only when necessary, route-optimized and environmentally friendly.

>> In this way, you save operating resources and the increasingly scarce resource of water.

Level sensors for trash cans, containers and disposal vehicles

Only have trash cans emptied when they are really full.

>> In this way, you save resources, relieve the environment through lower emissions and, in addition, create a more relaxed shopping experience for visitors to your city by reducing pedestrian traffic.

Motion sensors in the area of parking areas

In this way, show motorists available parking spaces and assist in intelligently directing vehicles to available parking spaces.

>> How to reduce congestion in city centers caused by parking space search traffic and avoid CO2.

Speed sensor

Begin to influence traffic flows using speed changes or extend the green phases of traffic lights.

>> How to reduce NOX and CO2 by reducing the number of start/stops.

CCTV cameras and motion detectors

Forecast the volume of public transportation utilization.

>> For example, you can increase your bus fleet according to demand or ensure sufficient distance in public transport during corona times.

Light sensors for street lighting

Manage your lighting (on/off, brighter/darker, ...) remotely or intensify lighting when pedestrians reach a -crossing.

>> In this way, you reduce energy requirements and increase the safety of road users.

Sensors for noise detection

For example, send an alert including geo-coordinates to the local police in case of a gunshot detection in a public area of your city.

>> In this way, automatic and mobile alerting allows the police to reach the scene of the incident as quickly as possible.

Sensors for measuring the pH value in water

Monitor dissolved oxygen or dissolved ion levels and integrate the sensors into the existing water loop.

>> This way you are immediately informed about changes in the chemical composition of your water, can target and immediately intervene in the water cycle and balance the water quality ideally. (Also possible: remote monitoring of water tanks, groundwater or retention basins).

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