• PSIup: The cloud-based monitoring platform


    PSIup also protects in the preventive protection against Covid-19 and the danger from aerosols

A lot of Security in Protection against Covid-19 with PSIup

Display of archive values and ventilation intervals


The Intelligent IoT Application Supports Preventive Infection Protection

Against the backdrop of continued high Covid-19 numbers, we have created a SCADA-based cloud application that can be used with commercially available CO2 meters as sensors for air quality monitoring in, for example, office and meeting rooms.

After self-calibration, the sensors provide reliable CO2, humidity and temperature readings to the easy-to-parameterize solution. This alerts registered users in the respective room via SMS or e-mail when the CO2 value reaches the maximum recommended level and urgently requests ventilation.

In this way, preventive health care is exercised and, at the same time, expensive heat loss due to incorrect ventilation is minimized. Of course, the intelligent IoT application PSIup, which is based on the Group's own software platform, is also in use at our own premises. Air quality monitoring is completed by views on historical measured value curves or the graphic display of current values per room. According to initial experience, the energy-saving solution for preventive protection is also suitable for schools, care and senior citizen facilities or public authorities.

PSIup at a glance

  • Preventive means of protecting employees (m/f/d) by reducing the likelihood of infection
  • Reduction of heating costs: airing the rooms only when necessary
  • Increases productivity: work interruptions due to ventilation are reduced to a minimum
  • Avoids sick leave: Reduction of the probability of catching a cold by avoiding frequent temperature fluctuations
  • No additional hardware investments are required by the customer besides the sensors
  • High security: No use of local communication or IT infrastructures for the operation of the sensors
  • Notification service via SMS or/and e-mail
  • Archiving and display of historical data (chart) possible
  • Determination and graphical display of easy-to-understand key figures and statistics
  • Overview and display of generated alarms
Parameterization of maximum CO2 values
Display of measured values and alarms in a building plan

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