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Use our cloud based SCADA game changer
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Benefit from a low amount of configuration required to get your process UP and running. Our PSIscada/UP monitors and automates your production resources and infrastructure equipment. Just concentrate on your business and enjoy simple and fast service experiences designed for each and everyone.

Setting UP PSIscada/UP and 60% of your project work is already done.
Without long communication processes and rigid bidding and contracting processes, with flexible licensing models, without development delays and with the shortest possible delivery time.
Profit from an open architecture and connect to your existing processes and systems. High flexibility, quickly build, for test and real life service. Following the no and low coding idea, nearly anyone can implement his own next application.  Set it UP and create a system of collaboration that works in tandem with your existing software.

PSIscada/UP automates and consolidates your processes; increase efficiency and lower costs by systematically manage incidents, prioritize vulnerabilities, visualize the effectiveness of your investments and handle easily new or changing conditions.

PSIscada/UP provides central data storage for data storage and archiving for the processes to be processed. This enables data to be viewed, for example, in order to graphically display and process or analyse time series.

Which exemplary tasks and functions are assigned to PSIscada/UP, for example?

- Central data management to minimise redundancies
- Standardization of processes, resources and equipment
- Management of tasks, competencies and responsibilities across process chains
- Automation also above the machine and plant level (within the automation pyramid)
- In addition, a scada/UP visualizes, monitors, controls and manages devices, machines, production equipment and other resources such as personnel

Benefits and reasons for a modern SCADA system

1. The safety level is rising
2. Improving the overall capacity of the operated plant
3. The availability of machines and plants is increased (OEE)
5. Unplanned downtimes are reduced
6. The reaction times to incoming events are shortened, since decision bottlenecks are lifted
7. The coordination of work processes is improved
8. Personnel requirements, especially in hazardous areas of the production process, can be significantly reduced
9. The new information platform increases operators know-how and allows planning of more effective processes
10. The plant will be transformed into a transparent and effective overall system for the entire management by bringing together individual components. Also due to our supported interfaces like IEC 104, OPC UAWeb services (REST)

PSIscada/UP at a glance:

- Compact – easy installation, configuration, and deployment
- Flexible – fulfils various customer needs by extensive configuration options
- Extendible – architecturally support addition of extensions
- User friendly – user configurable HMI and picture components with multi-language support
- Robust – redundancy support
- Cross platform – Java based system, platform independent
- Independent – fully implemented by PSI with experience from large scaled SCADA

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PSIscada/UP: We bring it UP.