Mobility in our DNA

Networked, transparent, multimodal and autonomous

Mobility is part of the PSI DNA. As experts for the control of all types of flows in the area of critical infrastructures, we are self-confident and strongly on our way in the area of traffic management, despite our relatively young participation in this segment: We were already awarded with the German Mobility Prize in 2017. We look forward to developing new applications for tomorrow's means of transport and solutions.

Let us shape the mobility of the future together: networked, transparent, multimodal and in the end also autonomous. We accompany you on your path to digital transformation. With our range of solutions, we want to contribute to lower-emission and more comfortable mobility, e.g. by intelligently networking all modes of transport using digital technologies. 50 years of PSI experience in the software business and our proprietary PSI software platform will make the difference - both in the internal further development of our existing solutions and through our work in local, national and international research projects which of course include urban mobility.